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We are not planning to use any community amenities; do we still have to pay community fees?

Yes, we are in a gated community, and you must be a member (even temporary) to be able to enter the community. Community fees cover not only use of amenities, but also use of roads and trash center.


Are community fees included in rental price?

No, we are not able to include community fees because they vary on multiple factors such as: number of adults and kids, kids age, number of cars, days before you register with community. 


Can we pay community fees in person?

Best way is to pay community fees online using email that you will receive when we register you. To avoid late fees its best if you do it 3 or more days before arrival. If you don't pay your fees online before arrival - community office may take a long time to register you or refuse entry to community.


Which documents do we need to show to community office when we arrive?

Each car that enters community will need to show driver's ID and car registration to office


Do we have to take trash with us?

Yes, you will need to take trash and drop it off at community trash center (located behind Welcome center building). During day, attendant will help taking trash from your car and will load it into trash compactor. 


Do we need to bring our own pillows and blankets?

No, every house has pillows and blankets, but you can always bring extra if you like.


Do we need to bring our own linens and towels?

No, each house has freshly laundered towels and pre-made beds with fresh linens.


Can we bring our own linens and towels?

Yes, if you want to bring your own - please let us know ahead of your visit.